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​Breathing room.  That's what it's all about.  


Whether you are a client of Newpoint's or an employee / candidate, we recognize that by alleviating some of the little (or big) burdens that impact your day, we are incrementally freeing your time and your mind to pursue what is most important to YOU.

 Clients:  If your responsibility is to deliver a successful project, we want to insert key people who will inspire your confidence through their spirit of initiative, valuable industry depth, personable character and results.

Employees:  Because you want to focus on the job at hand, Newpoint will respond quickly to your needs, be proactive where it's productive; and when appropriate, we'll stay out of the way.  You can trust that we are always working hard to present to you the best new opportunities in the business.

Newpoint Leadership


Rob Smith, President and Founder.  Rob is involved in all areas of the company.  He started Newpoint in 2006 after 15 years in the investment advisory, online start-up and financial services consulting worlds - mostly representing small companies in dealings with large financial services enterprises.